1. Sight reading

Here learners will be introduced to Basics of Music that will help prepare them to to sight reading. the learner will learn issues to do with:-

1. clefs

2. Placement of notes on clefs

3. Note duration

4. Note name

5. Identification of various notes.

2. Note Values

This is the second lesson. You will move to the second lesson after successfully passing lesson 1.

In this lesson you will learn on Note values and the rest values that you will encounter.

3. Time Signature And Tempo

in this lesson we will learn on different time signature and how they affect music impulse.

We will also look and be able to determine the exact tempo based on tempo markings.

The learner must be able to sing a song using various time signatures and tempo.

4. Key Signatures

In this lesson we will learn on meaning of the different Key signatures in music. We will try to answer the question- which key is this?

The learner will also be required to sing a song using the solfa notations in the said key.

5. Accidentals

In this lesson we will learn on various semitones that rise as a result of accidentals.

The learner will be able to sing a song with few semitones and be able to write a 4 phrase song with 2 or more accidentals.

Conducting Techniques

The learner will learn the following :-

Conducting Posture and Use of a Baton

The Preparatory Beat

Starting on the First Beat

Starting on Other Beats

Starting on Fractions of Beats and the release

Conducting Divided Beat Patterns

Use Of The Left Hand In Conducting

Expressive Conducting

Performance Conducting

Tempo Determination and Change

Unmetered or Free Rhythms

Mixed Meters and Other Conducting Problems

The Fermata

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