In intermediate music classes we will cover the following parts.

6. Conducting Techniques

The learner will learn the following :-

Conducting Posture and Use of a Baton

The Preparatory Beat

Starting on the First Beat

Starting on Other Beats

Starting on Fractions of Beats and the release

Conducting Divided Beat Patterns

Use Of The Left Hand In Conducting

Expressive Conducting

Performance Conducting

Tempo Determination and Change

Unmetered or Free Rhythms

Mixed Meters and Other Conducting Problems

The Fermata

7. Interpretation of Choral Music

In this lesson we will discuss how you should sing songs that were written in different periods.

for example, How do you sing a song written by Haydn?

we will cover various periods ranging from:-

The Renassiance Period (1400-1600)

The Baroque Period (1600-1750)

The Classic Period (1750-1820)

The Romantic Period (1820-1900)

The Twentieth Century And Early Twenty-First

We will also look on songs that were written between periods.

8. The Score Study

The following will be included in this lesson:-

Melodic Considerations

Harmonic Considerations

Rhythmic Considerations

Part Examination

Text Considerations

Texture of the Choral Piece

Applied Score Study

Rehearsal Analysis of Indeterminate Music

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