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CRE Schemes of work

CRE schemes of work for teachers teaching 8.4.4 system of education. Free download in

Go through past examination papers.

Most schools store a record  of past examination  papers in the library. Do make use of those. They will  not only give you a rough idea on how your paper will look like, but also give you the chance to review  repeat  questions/most examined  areas. Hence you will have the chance to search  through  the answers from the archives.

Create a short revision notebook.

Set time aside  and collect  all your class notes since Form One and draft short notes on each topic. Jot down the important  points which can be easily  grasped. If you had been making some as part of your revision  for end term exams, all you need is to compile them.

Join a discussion   group

Get a few friends and form a revision  group. Be sure to select  serious  individuals and avoid  those that can drag you backwards. Agree amongst  yourselves  as to when you will be meeting. Work around your free time making sure you set time aside for individual  studies. You should  also encourage  each other to come up with questions  on areas of weakness  so that you can help each other out. You can also book and consult  the subject teacher as a group.