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6 Great Values of a good teacher

a great teacher

A good or great teacher is a perfect example to the students, school and the neighbouring community. They act as the role model to the students they teach. A great teacher for your child`s tuition must possess the following characteristics.

  1. A good time manager. Time is everything in your child`s life. Get someone who does not know how to keep time and you will be training your child to be a time-irresponsible adult. In a school set-up, a teacher should get to class in time and leave when the bell goes off. A teacher who leaves the class in between the lesson is an example of an unprepared teacher.
  2. Honest. A teacher must be someone who can stand by the truth always. If he/she comes to attend for your child late, he/she must show his honesty by explaining the cause. A teacher who lies should not be let to stay with your child. Remember, your child copies a lot from the teacher.
  3. Responsible. A great teacher must show great aspects of responsibility. He should show this by his language, how he gives out the assignments, marking of the assignments etc. A responsible teacher should not be late for classes, and if so, he must inform you before. A great responsible teacher must uphold collective responsibility all the time.
  4. Accessible. The teacher must be accessible to the students all the time especially when the student need them most.
  5. A great communicator. If you need your child to be a great communicator, then you need to find a teacher who is a great communicator. You can assess the teacher before.
  6. Creative. A great teacher must be creative in all that they do. Sometimes your child might ask some questions out of the topic being covered. You need a creative teacher to answer.


  1. Hardworking and smart worker. A hardworking teacher is like a jewel. They never get old. If you get a smart working teacher and hardworking too, you get your child not only a role model, but a future.
  2. Ambitious: A great teacher must be ambitious. He should look at the future and work towards it. Since your child is looking at a role model, they must learn the best virtues from them
  3. adventurer: New teaching methods should always be part of the teacher. Since the teacher is the driver towards your child`s success, they must be able to get great methods for your child.
  4. positive attitude: A ” yes it can be done ” attitude is the only thing you want for your child.
  5. rational