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Competency Based Curriculum [CBC]

Competency based curriculum [CBC] is a new system of education designed by the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD) to instill skills to learners. The CBC is designed to emphasize the significance of developing skills and knowledge and applying them to real life situations. In this post we will look at the importance of CBC over 8.4.4 system of education. CBC was created with a vision to create a learner centered approach aiming to cultivate the following values to the learner.








Since the Competency based curriculum is set to emphasize skills to the learners, every learner is supposed to get the following skills from the curriculum.

  1. Communication and collaboration: Be able to communicate and pass information fluently and clearly.
  2. Critical thinking and problem solving: Be able to think critically in order to solve day-day problems.
  3. Imagination and creativity: Be creative enough using their imagination in order to be able to solve day to day problems.
  4. Citizenship: Be able to promote citizenship by what they learn
  5. Learning to learn: Be able to learn from the day to day challenge on how to tackle such challenges.
  6. Self-efficacy: Have capacity to execute behaviors necessary to produce specific performance attainments that arise in their day to day activities
  7. Digital literacy: Promote digital literacy to all learners across Kenya.

In order to attain this, The government of Kenya made the following readjustments to the current 8.4.4 curriculum

Pre-primary school (Pre-Primary 1 and 2) that is PP1 and PP2 replaced ECD

Subject areas are now offered to as learning areas and not as subjects

Topics/sub-topics are now known as strands/sub-strands.

learning outcomes instead of lesson objectives is used

learning resources instead of teaching aids are being used.

Importance of Competency based curriculum CBC

  1. It is skill based: The learners learn more of skill than book/page memorisation in the previous curriculum.
  2. Engaging: CBC engages all learners and ensures that no learner is left behind. it promotes individualized learning by accommodating a variety of learning styles. Its experience increases engagement because content is tailored to each student and the content is more relevant.
  3. Self-paced: A student can learn with the pace they want. This makes it more affordable and more learner friendly.
  4. Reduced pressure: The learner will have a reduced pressure to perform. Competency based curriculum looks at the skills and this means a learner will be greatly advantaged since they will pick the skill of their interest.

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