How many chloride ions are present in 1.7g of magnesium chloride crystals? Avogadro’s constant = 6.0 x 1023, Mg = 24, Cl = 35.5) 

6.4g of a mixture of sodium carbonate and sodium chloride was dissolved in water to make solution. 25cm3 of the solution was neutralized by 40cm3 of 0.1M HCl(aq). What is the percentage of sodium chloride in the solid mixture?

An  unknown mass, x, of  anhydrous  potassium carbonate was dissolved in water and  the solution made up to 200cm3. 25cm3 of this solution required 18cm3 of 0.22M nitric (V) acid for complete neutralization. Determine the value of x. (K=39.0, C =12.0, O =16.0)

A hydrated salt has the following composition by mass. Iron 20.2 %, oxygen 23.0%, sulphur 11.5%, water 45.3% Determine the formula of the hydrated salt (Fe=56, S=32, O=16, H=11)                

            ii) 6.95g of the hydrated salt in c(i) above were dissolved in distilled water and the total volume made to 250cm3 of solution. Calculate the concentration of the resulting salt solution  moles per litre. (Given that the molecula mass of the salt is 278)

Calculate the number of water molecules when 34.8g Na2CO3 xH2O is heated and 15.9g of  anhydrous Na2CO3 obtained (H=1, O=16, Na= 23, C = 12)        

.      In a reaction 20cm3 of 0.1 M Sodium Carbonate completely reacted with 13cm3 of dilute sulphuric acid. Find the molarity of the sulphuric acid used

An organic compound P contains 68.9% carbon, 13.5% hydrogen and 21.6% oxygen. The relative formula mass of p is 74. Determine its molecular formula. [C=12, H=1, 0=16]

An aqueous solution containing anhydrous sodium carbonate was prepared by dissolving  19.6g of the salt in 250cm3 of distilled. Calculate the volume of 2M of magnesium chloride solution required to precipitate all the carbonate ions in the solution.  (Na=23, C= 12; O = 16; Mg = 24; Cl =35.5)