Highland Tutors for Science and Mathematics are currently bringing tuition classes to you, through both online and homescho​oling options.​

 We are offering tuition classes to students pursuing both the IB and the British National Curriculum (IGCSE, GCE).​​


Each tuition session lasts 1 hour 30 minutes.


For the IB program students, the tuition classes cover a ride range from PYP years up to IB1 and IB2.

The British National Curriculum (Key Stage 1-4), AS (Advanced Subsidiary) and A-Level (Advanced Level).


We ensure that our tutors use the best methods in teaching so that our clients can grasp the concepts being taught.

We include videos and power point as well as use of flash-cards.


We offer both home schooling and video tutoring.​

The homeschooling program is for students pursuing the British National Curriculum (BNC) which includes IGCSE O-Level and the GCE A-LEVEL Examinations.


Online classes employ teachers and tutors with great experience and those that have shown the ability to use different approaches and methodologies while teaching.

some important links on materials: https://onlineclasses.co.ke/

Registration to sit for Exams

We register our students at the British Council for Cambridge examinations,or with KNEC for Edexcel Examinations.​​​​​​


Apart from tuition, we at online classes offer the following services:-

1. We set and help in administering competitive external examinations for schools.

2. Marking of the students scripts in line with KNEC guidelines.

 3. We provide examiner`s report on the marked papers.

 4. Academic workshops facilitated by renown subject examiners.

5. Free past exam materials; Question papers, marking schemes and confidential paper- all as free downloads on our site. 


We design assessments that are not only fair, valid, reliable and practicable but also that are in line with the current world and updated with the worldwide examination bodies.

Our teachers are trained and well equipped to provide the best to your needs. assignments to the learners and mark them based on the set guidelines.

We keep our trainers updated on changes that occur to the syllabus and ensure that they are updated on the different new approaches of teaching and marking your exam.